Moving the Chains Archive: May, 2010

5 questions with Fokou

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Pretty much every veteran who attended Eagles OTAs this week was there with a purpose. Macho Harris is making the switch to cornerback. Quintin... Read more

Eagles with a bottom-five offseason?

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Apologies for the late post today. I got ready to write about 12 different times, and something kept coming up. Anyway, a couple links to... Read more

Riley Cooper's learning experience

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Eagles fifth-round pick Riley Cooper lined up out wide on the right side of the formation and ran a quick 5-yard route. When he turned around... Read more

Eagles show interest in OL Pitts

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Free-agent guard Chester Pitts said during a radio interview that the Eagles are one of five teams who have shown interest in him. "I... Read more

Cunningham: 'I was a lonely soul'

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Good piece by Mark Anderson in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about Randall Cunningham and the life he's leading after football. Cunningham... Read more

Eagles sign DT Boo Robinson

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Earlier today, the Eagles announced their dates for training camp. And now, they've added another body to compete at Lehigh. The Birds have... Read more

Ranking the Eagles 15th

Comment icon 0 Comments's Peter King is up with his offseason power rankings. Where do the Eagles rank? No. 15. I was in favor of going to Kevin Kolb, but... Read more

Revisiting the Eagles' best offseason move

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Just got back from D.C. to see 90 comments and several e-mails about Saturday's post that focused on the Eagles' best offseason move. There... Read more

The Eagles' best offseason move

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About to head out of town for the weekend for a family gathering, but wanted to get a quick post up first. A publication recently asked me... Read more

McCoy's improvement as a blocker

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One of the major questions about LeSean McCoy as a rookie was if he'd be able to do a good enough job as a blocker. McCoy always appeared... Read more