3,100 tix remain in Minnesota

Time for what has become our daily update on the ticket situation in Minnesota.

There are 3,100 tickets remaining, according to the Star-Tribune. However, the game is not officially a blackout in Minnesota just yet. The Vikings have received a second extension. They now have until 4:30 p.m. EST Saturday to sell the rest of the tickets.

Sometimes teams get corporate help from the networks or other companies, who step in and purchase the remaining tickets, but that doesn't appear to be the case here. Here are a couple questions from a Q&A on the Star Tribune's Web site with Steve LaCroix, the Vikings vice president of sales and marketing:

(Will you get corporate help?) “There’s no corporate buyout in our back pocket, whether it be a company or Fox. It’s got to be through our fans and through our sales channels on that end.”

(So has Fox said no?) “At this point, there’s nothing that they’ve committed. They’re obviously up to speed on where we are numbers-wise. We are not going to pack up later tonight and think that they’re there to help us out. At this point it is not going to happen.”

(What has response from Philly fans been?) Obviously the promotion and exposure has been big. I guess we’ll find out on game day. We’re still concerned there’s going to be a lot of green in the building. That’s why these last 3,000 seats are important that they’re Vikings fans and not Eagles fans.”

Meanwhile, I guess you could say the Vikings are pulling out all the stops. Check out this video on the Vikings' Web site, where defensive end Jared Allen begs the fans to buy the rest of the tickets.

"I'm asking you. I'm begging the people of Minnesota. Buy up these tickets. Spend a little cashish. You just had Christmas, probably got a little Christmas bonus. Go buy some tickets," Allen said.

I imagine many of you have the same thought I had when reading that quote: Didn't Allen sign a huge contract with the Vikings? Why doesn't he buy the tickets? For the record, he received a $72.36 million deal, including a $15.5 million signing bonus. That's on par with your Christmas bonus, right?

Or you might be thinking, why should Allen pay? Why don't the Vikings buy the rest of the tickets and give them to kids who wouldn't otherwise get to go to the game? The Vikings are the least-valued franchise in the NFL, according to Forbes' last report in September. But they are still worth $839 million.

If any Eagles fans are in Minnesota this weekend, feel free to e-mail me with what the scene is like out there.

Thanks to Pro Football Talk for the link to the Allen video.