Will you look at this! What's in 1910 time capsule?

The time capsule, a greenish copper box found inside a cornerstone, will be opened Monday at Lower Merion High School.

On Monday, May 23, school officials will open a copper box sealed and entombed beneath Lower Merion High School's date stone in 1910. Now, with the dedication of the new school building, the box will be opened. Curious minds want to know what's in it.. a glimpse of the past?

Doug Young, Lower Merion School District spokesman, alerts us to this enticing bit of news. The event will take place at 8:30 a.m., and officials will reveal the contents of the 1910 time capsule in a special ceremony at Lower Merion High, Montgomery Avenue and Church Road, Ardmore. 

During construction of the first Lower Merion Senior High School in 1910, a date stone was laid with an accompanying copper box. The box - likely a time capsule filled with contents from that era - was sealed and has remained unopened for 100 years. At the same time, officials will unveil the 2011 date stone for the new school. The event will launch a year-long celebration of Lower Merion High School's 100th anniversary on Montgomery Avenue.

"Ideally, we will get a glimpse of what was happening in Lower Merion and the world 100 years ago," said Sean Hughes, Lower Merion's principal. "We have no idea what might be inside the box, or what kind of condition it may be in after all these years, but it will certainly be fun to find out."

Members of the community are invited to attend the 20-minute ceremony, which will be held at the front entrance of the school at the doors facing Montgomery Avenue.