The tax man scam

Lansdale Police warned residents about a telephone scam involving a man claims to be an Internal Revenue Service agent, and threatens arrest if money to pay taxes isn’t sent.

On Tuesday, an unidentified, elderly resident reported series of suspicious calls, police said. Over a two-week period, the resident said he had gotten calls from a man who identified himself as an IRS employee named Ron Davis. He called from a 718 phone exchange, police said.

Last Sunday, the man told the victim that if he didn’t make a $3,698 payment within 24 hours into a Greendot MoneyPak card account, police would arrest him, his passport would be taken, and he would be deported.

Fearing deportation, the victim transferred the money. Next, the man told the victim to send an additional $2,580 for state and local taxes. The victim replied he didn’t have that amount. At that point, the victim told friends, who said the episode probably was a scam.

Anyone with information can call Lansdale Police at (215) 368-1801.