The happiest boy alive

Sometimes, life’s juxtapositions best illustrate the poignancy of special moments.

This morning, I was at the Montgomery County Courthouse to cover a news conference by Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr about the results of a special effort to collect delinquent child-support payments from parents. (You also can read about that on MontCo Memo.) The issue of deadbeat mothers and fathers doesn’t exactly conjure images of skipping children and happy families.

So I was struck by what I saw as I plugged money into the parking kiosk on Swede Street in Norristown: a group of people, led by a little boy, heading toward a grassy area on the courthouse grounds. Some of the adults had flowers; everyone seemed in a delighted mood.

They had good reason.

The gathering was a party to celebrate the finalization of the 8-year-old’s adoption by a Montgomery County couple who asked not to be named. The young man was grinning, jumping around, and generally acting like the happiest guy alive — which he may well have been.