The goal they stole

Maybe it was the temptation of cold weather, iced-over ponds, and the Flyers playing again – that's what Susan Barker, recreation director for Upper Providence Township is hoping anyhow.

Township police reported that sometime between Friday and Monday, an unknown person or persons took one of two hockey goals from the rink in the rec center, located in Anderson Farm Park. No simple theft was this. The goal has a red crossbar and outerposts, and white interior posts and a net. Barker estimated it weighs about 100 pounds. Police put its value at $675.

Police haven't determined whether the goals was taken as scrap to resell or for more playful reasons.

Barker, who has two older goals in reserve if they are really needed, hopes it's the latter.

"I’m hoping they just borrowed them to put them on the ice so they can play hockey and am hoping they return them," she said Tuesday.

If anyone has information about the missing goal, contact Detective Patrick Haines at 610-933-7899.