A chief reader in Kenya

In February, I wrote a story about Karl Frey, who uses what he learned growing up on his Mennonite family's Peach Bottom, Pa., dairy farm, in his work with the international relief and development organization, Save the Children. A specialist in food security during emergencies, Frey is advising a program in northeastern Kenya that gives pastoralists struggling from the drought of 2011 and 2012, a constant, local source of milk. Good for farmers, good for kids and families. The story was accompanied by a photo of Frey talking with the chief in Arabaqeyramso Village in Wajir, Kenya, Ali Muhumud Jehow.

Proving that print products still have worldwide reach (at least when someone mails a copy of a newspaper to Kenya), Save the Children's Eileen Burke not long ago sent me a photo by staffer Rehema Bashir, showing Chief Jehow reading the edition of The Inquirer that contains the story about Frey. Here it is: