Six immigrants arrested in alleged meth ring

Six Mexican immigrants have been arrested on charges of trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine from Berks to Montgomery counties.

The investigation — dubbed “Operation Breaking Bad” — began in December 2012 with Jose Dejesus Montilla, a suspected drug trafficker.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Montilla sold $1,800 of crystal meth to an undercover detective at a farmers’ market in Gilbertsville.

The detective later arranged to purchase more than a pound of the drug from Montilla and another man, according to the arrest affidavit.

The group was based in Reading, according to the affidavit. They are charged with conspiracy and gun offenses in addition to the drug charges.

Montilla, 37, and four of his codefendants were in the country illegally.  The other was a legal permanent resident, according to the affidavit.

Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 25.