Search on tonight for missing Lansdale DJ


AOL Patch Norristown is reporting this story:

A 38-year-old Lansdale native named Joe Sarni is missing, and a search has been called for tonight. His family fears he has become the victim of foul play.

He was last seen July 8 leaving his apartment at 355 Walnut Street in Lansdale, says his sister, Jamie Sarni Parsons.

Sarni is 38 years old, 5'8" tall with black hair. He has a scar under each eye and tattoos on his arms, with distinguishable ones being a lizard and tribal symbols. He also has a Celtic heart tattoo on his right chest.

Sarni, who has DJ'd across the United States, recently settled in Lansdale. He attended Upper Dublin High School.

Parsons said witnesses told her they saw her brother with another man outside his apartment before his disappearance. However, Parsons said she contacted that man, and he told her he wasn't with Sarni.

"I went into his apartment. Things didn't add up," said Parsons. "If my brother decided to disappear, he would have taken a few things with him that are still there."

Those things include his asthma rescue inhaler and an urn containing his mother's ashes.

Parsons said there was still food in his apartment, as if he had been eating at the time of his disappearance. A 40-ounce bottle of alcohol was also half-full next to his bed. She said the door to his apartment was open as well.

"It's like he got a call and grabbed his smokes and went outside to see who it was," Parsons said.

She said a bartender claimed to have seen Sarni last Thursday. Parsons went to talk to the bars in town and view camera footage, but no footage showed her brother present at a bar.

Parsons has contacted Lansdale Police for help.

Family and friends are planning a search of the town at 6 p.m. Thursday, beginning at Sarni's residence.

Anyone with information about Sarni may contact Lansdale Police at 215-368-1801.