Rte. 23 to reopen July 27 or early the next week


Those who have been caught in traffic jams this week trying to make their way around the Rte. 23/ Balligomingo Road impasse in Upper Merion and West Conshy must hold on a little longer.

“Barring anything unforeseen, we plan to reopen Route 23 next Friday (July 27) or early the following week,” Eugene J. Blaum, PennDOT assistant press secretary wrote in an email today.

“This three-week phase with both Rte. 23 and Balligomingo Road closed is the most difficult part of the project from a traffic standpoint. We're almost there with 23,” Blaum wrote.

Rte. 23 has been closed for a year as crews reshape  the odd intersection of Rte. 23 and Balligomingo into a T with a red light. (Note to PennDOT: ok, we get it, the project was needed, but did PennDOT have to close 23 and Balligomingo at the same time?)

We whined to Blaum today about sitting for 15 minutes on Holstein Road last night, before inching our way down to Trinity, to turn left onto Montgomery Avenue. On Tuesday night, we sat for 20 minutes, and we were not happy about that either.

“I know. Hang in there,” Blaum wrote. “The combination of enormous traffic volumes, and the way that turn moves, just brings traffic to a halt.”