Occupy Lansdale organizer speaks out about march


Occupy Lansdake organizer Jeanette McGinley just checked in. She's confirming that the first march, under the auspices of the new group, will step off this afternoon from the Lansdale Train Station at 5:30 p.m.

McGinley, a Yoga instructor, and Lansdale Police Chief Robert McDyre discussed the group's plan yesterday.

"We don't expect a large crowd," he said. "We had a good meeting with the organizers. We don't expect any problems. No permits are necessary."

McGinley, who attended some of the Occupy Philly activities, said the message of the Occupy movement has become diffused, and she'd like to remedy that.

"My slogan is, we don't want corporations owning our politicians. We The People are helping the politicians to stand on their own two feet. We are 99 percent strong," she said.

Further, McGinley said: "We no longer have a middle class. People are confused, and they are getting sarcastic that there's not one main flow of ideas. I would like to see people on the same page at every individual gathering."

MGinley said the weeklong, nightly march will be along Main Street from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Anybody who wants to join the Occupy Lansdale protest should meet at the Lansdale Train Station.

McGinley has lived in the borough for 25 years. She is pursuing a degree in psychology. She said the Occupy movement is being mischaracterized.

"We have angry bystanders who think people want a handout. That's not true. People want to work, so they can support their families," she said.

Writing on the Lansdale Reporter's website, www.thereporteronline.com, montcores sounded off about the planned demonstration. "I understand the right to protest, but some of us actually have jobs we need to keep our bills paid, and use that train station on our trip home. This better not disrupt the already poor service we deal with. While I think this was all well-intentioned when it started, it's so disorganized that I think people who have nothing else to do are now starting these everywhere they can. What's next - Occupy Acme?"

McGinley is undaunted. "Ghandi once said: 'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.' We're not going away."