New eatery brings Vietnamese flavor to Norristown

We here at the Montco Memo have been anxious to try the new Banh Mi Bar restaurant in downtown Norristown.  It officially opened Friday, and today we took their sandwiches for a test drive.

I ordered the steak banh mi, and it was very good. The baguette was warm and crunchy, and the meat was tender and sweet.  For a footlong steak sandwich, it was surprisingly light.  And you can't beat the price -- $5.  Other offerings include a classic pork and ham banh mi, a chicken banh mi and a tofu-avocado banh mi.  At dinner, you can also order entrees for $14 to $21.

The restaurant is spacious, modern and clean.  The walls are painted nicely, but with so much space and so little decor, it feels a little empty.  The storefront could use some work too, it looks like it's still under construction.  I would easily have passed it by if I didn't know it was there.  And even though they've been open a few days, they still have some kinks to work out with the counter service. 

Overall, the food was good, the price is right and I'll definitely go back.  It adds some welcome variety to the food scene around the county headquarters and courthouse.

(For those who have never had banh mi, don't let the exotic name scare you off.  They are not spicy, not curried, not fried and not as exotic as they sound.  Think of it as a lighter, citrusy hoagie.)