Mulling iPads for Lower Merion kindergartners


We found this intriguing item on AOL’s Bala Cynwyd Patch about kindergartners in the Lower Merion schools in Montgomery County. The children will be getting iPads at $500 a pop next year. Some already have them. The post sparked some lively discussion. Here’s a sample:


From Selma Davis:  With or without spycams?

From Sara:              Wow, this is insane. Lower Merion has more money than they need, they should think about the kids (my children) who will be starting elementary school in Upper Darby School District next year WITHOUT art, music, physical education and foreign language classes. Myself and my husband are from Belmont Hills and hearing this is just ridiculous.

From Jane Galli:       To children in kindergarten this is the "usual" way to do your "work" They can be just as creative as we were with crayon and paper, there's an app for that. There are quotes from To the editors in the 1800's complaining about school children leaving their chalkboards for pencil and paper, paper and pencil for typewriters, typewriters for computers. This is kind of going back to a 20th century chalkboard. If it gets them to learn and compete in this global environment, then way to go.

Liz Rosenbaum:        Wow - i think it's great, yet I can't help but also think about the kids in the Philadelphia public school district who are being terribly shortchanged by the new PA Budget. Perhaps there's a way to use our children's good fortune to help "level the field" for all school children in the region? Maybe a fundraising app?

From Mark Price:       It was already years ago when our children were in elementary school. But at that time I had a mother tell me that she thought it was a foolish waste of time to teach spelling to kids because they could just run Spell Check on their computers after writing something. I made a good living writing for the federal government before retiring because today's college graduates are so poor at it. It's not an indictment of technology. But perhaps we are being lulled and mesmerized by today's technology and forgetting the basics. As far as iPads for kindergartners, that seems a bit over the top. It must be nice to be rolling in unlimited quantities of taxpayer money.


Here’s a link to the story on Patch: