Montgomery County Post-Election Roundup: Nov. 7, 2012

The election is over!  Politics aside, I think we can all join together in celebrating the end of robocalls, campaign ads and all-election-all-the-time media coverage.  Almost . . .

Here's how the votes broke down in Montgomery County yesterday:

  • Voter turnout was 74.7% (3.6% absentee).
  • President Obama won 56.5% of the vote, compared to 42.4% for Mitt Romney, 0.3% for Green Party candidate Jill Stein and 0.8% for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Main story by Matt Katz
  • Sen. Bob Casey was re-elected with 58.3% of the vote, over Republican challenger Tom Smith's 40.8%. Story via Associated Press
  • In the attorney general race, Kathleen Kane won 57.7% of the vote, over Republican David Freed's 41.2%. Story by Jeremy Roebuck
  • Auditor general went to Democrat Eugene DePasquale, with 53% of the vote.
  • State Treasurer Robert McCord, a Democrat, kept his seat with 56%.

U.S. House of Representatives -- Story by Jonathan Tamari

  • In the 2nd Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Chaka Fattah defeated Republican Robert Allen Mansfield by a wide margin -- 65.3% to 33.8%.
  • In the 6th Congressional District, incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach won 54.3% of the vote to defeat Democrat Manan Trivedi.
  • In the 7th Congressional District, incumbent Republican Pat Meehan won with 56.6% of the vote over Democrat George Badey.
  • In the 8th Congressional District, Republican Mike Fitzpatrick handily defeated Democrat Kathy Boockvar, with 61.1% of the vote.
  • In the 13th Congressional District, Democrat Allyson Schwartz swept Republican Joseph Rooney with 65.7% of the vote.
  • In the state Senate, Democrat Daylin Leach was re-elected with 66.5% of the vote.

Pennsylvania General Assembly -- Story by Angela Couloumbis

  • Incumbent state Sen. Andrew Dinniman, a Democrat, eeked out a win with 50.7% of the vote -- only 159 votes more than Republican challenger Chirstopher Amentas.
  • State Rep. Robert Godshall, a Republican, held onto his 53rd District seat, with 60.7% of the vote.
  • State Rep. Kate Harper, also a Republican, held onto her 61st District seat with 58.2% of the vote.
  • State Rep. Matthew Bradford, a Democrat, held onto his 70th District seat with 64.8% of the vote.
  • In the 146th Assembly District, Democrat Mark Painter upset incumbent Republican Thomas Quigley, winning 50.4% of the vote over Quigley's 49.7%.
  • In the 147th Assembly District, Republican Rep. Marcy Toepel was re-elected with 61.4%.
  • Democrat Mary Jo Daley won the 148th Assembly District seat with 58.5%.
  • Democrat Tim Briggs kept his 149th Assembly District seat with 65.8%.
  • Republican Mike Vereb kept his 150th Assembly District seat with 54.3%.
  • Republican Todd Stephens held his 151st Assembly District seat with 59.63%.
  • Republican Thomas Murt held his 152nd Assembly District seat with 64.4%.
  • Democrat Madeleine Dean was re-elected with 64.3% of the vote in the 153rd Assembly District.
  • Democrat Steve McCarter takes over the 154th Assembly District after snagging 75.6% of the vote.
  • Republican Warren Kampf won in the 157th Assembly District with 53.2%.
  • Democrat Pamela DeLissio won 71.6% to keep her seat in the 194th Assembly District.

Montgomery County was among many that had small problems with confusion over Voter ID.  Story by Jessica Parks -- and let us know in the comments if you witnessed major problems at the polls.