Matthews expungement hearing continues

Former Montgomery County Commissioner James R. Matthews could have his criminal record expunged tomorrow in county court after fulfilling his sentence on a charge of making false statements to the grand jury. The expungement was set for last Wednesday, but was delayed for a week as defense attorneys and the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office worked out details of the expungement.

The charge against Matthews — along with a scorching critique of how business was badly done by the county commission that preceeded the current one — flowed from an "eighteen month grand jury investigation into the County Commissioners that culminated in a report, presentment and the arrest of Montgomery County Commissioner, James R. Matthews for Perjury and False Swearing," according to a district attorney press release written at the time the report was released in 2011. The perjury charge later was dropped.

The 2011 grand jury report can be read here. The presentment is available here