LMT Police: Do you know this couple?

Lower Merion Township Police are looking for a man and a woman they believe are responsible for a series of thefts of wallets and credit cards at various businesses.

The department said in a statement Tuesday that the thefts have taken place over the last several weeks and have occurred in two ways.

One is when employees have stored their purse somewhere in the business where they work. One suspect distracts the employee while the other takes the wallet out of the purse.

The second method involves customers in a restaurant or coffeehouse hanging their purse on the back of their chair. One of the suspects, who might be sitting next to them, “removes the wallet, and perhaps removes a credit card or two, then returns the wallet to the purse.

One victim who was sitting in a coffeehouse whose tables were close together, had mentioned to police that she felt someone bumping into her chair, said Sgt. John Stillwagon.

The thieves then quickly go out and use the credit cards.

“These purchases typically immediately happen, like within the hour, of the thefts,” Stillwagon said.
Surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects in four different businesses where thefts had just occurred. Police ask that anyone who recognizes the man and woman from the video contact Lower Merion Police at 610-649-1000.

— Carolyn Davis