Hey, mate, have-u seen my emu?


Okay, okay, it's not relevant to Montgomery County, but we could not resist this story:

A wandering Australian emu has been returned to its northwestern Pennsylvania owner, the Associated Press reported this morning.

The Bradford Era (http://bit.ly/OJ2oBW) ran a story saying the big bird was captured by Foster Township police and a former McKean County humane officer on Tuesday.

The bird’s owner, Ken Hardy, of Corydon Township, says the bird is one of six he still owns after investing in the birds so he could raise them about 20 years ago.

It was unclear how the bird got free from Hardy’s property, but it definitely went on the lam and was spotted at various places in and around Bradford in McKean County. That’s about 130 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Officials say they were able to subdue the bird because they chased it into some woods where it became disoriented. (Not too many thick forests in the outback, right, mate?)