Have siren, will raise money for breast cancer

Every time somebody donates money for breast cancer research, Wyndmoor Hose Company No. 1 will sound this pink siren. (Photo: PinkSiren.org)

Here’s something different:

From July 1 through Sept. 30, the newly-restored 85-year-old siren of Wyndmoor Hose Company No. 1 will alert the community of the breast cancer that affects millions of women everywhere.

The siren will be part of a unique community pledge drive.

Each time the pink-painted siren sounds, everyone will know that there is additional funding being given for breast cancer research.

Wyndmoor Hose Company No. 1. has created this drive in partnership with Fox Chase Cancer Center leading to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

One-hundred percent of all donations go directly to research at the internationally-renowned facility.

Donors are asked to pledge an amount that will multiply with each sound of the siren. (Sirens are typically painted “fire engine red.”)

The fire company averages 30 calls each month and projects 90 calls for the three-month drive.

For information link to: www.pinksiren.org. To contact the Wyndmoor Hose Company No.1, email: info@wyndmoorfireco.com.