Giving thanks for family's kindness to a dying dog


So just when we were starting to feel the holiday blues coming on, up pops this inspiring story in the Montgomery County SPCA newsletter.

Early in January, Christine and Douglas Williams of Pottstown were browsing in the animal shelter on E. Ridge Pike in Conshohocken when they spotted an elderly, white poodle mix named Job.

Like the Bible character, Job had lots of troubles. It was clear he hadn’t long to live.

The Williams family wanted him anyway. After a series of conversations, shelter manager Marc Lewis called the Williamses and said they could give Job hospice care in their home during his last days.

The adoption took place Jan. 28. In a picture accompanying the newsletter story, Job looks like a grown-up woolly lamb, with a black nose. We can see why he appealed to the Williams family.

The family gave Job the best love and hospice care they could muster. Job lived two more months, and died in late March.

Recently, the Williamses wrote a thank-you to the shelter “for trusting us to care for Job.”

“All of us loved his sweet, loving nature, and were saddened by his journey over the rainbow bridge, despite our care and our wonderful vet’s care,” said the note, according to SPCA executive director Carmen Ronio. 'Journey over the rainbow bridge' is a gentle way to describe pets dying.

It turns out that Job was not the only animal helped by the Williamses; they have provided hospice care for at least four other animals in recent years.

For all those who took in animals this year, I give thanks this Nov. 24. But especially I give thanks for the Williams family of Pottstown.