Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting on the foster roster

Montgomery County is recruiting people interested in becoming foster parents.

Getting on the foster roster

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Montgomery County is looking for couples or individuals who are interested in becoming foster parents.

The Office of Children and Youth recently posted a series of interviews on YouTube with foster parents.

They offer testimonials such as “It is fun. It is rewarding. It is life-changing.”

There are broad requirements for who can apply to foster children whose situation at home makes it preferable that they live outside their household, at least temporarily.

“There is no ‘typical’ foster parent as the videos we produced demonstrate,” said Office of Children and Youth executive director Laurie O’Connor. “Our foster parents come from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds.”

The basic requirements for becoming a foster parents include being at least 21 years old, participating in training, having a home that meets state standards, and providing a healthy physical and emotional environment for children.

The next preservice training sessions are in July.

For questions or to sign up for foster parent preservice training, contact Bill Carroll at 610-278-5853.

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