Fall-ing into seasonal smart driving habits


With fall's arrival, PennDOT reminds motorists to be aware of seasonal driving hazards such as sun glare, frosty mornings and wet leaves. To which we add: deer crossing the roadways.

"During the fall, motorists should exercise caution by paying close attention to their surroundings and allowing extra time to safely reach their destination," said PennDOT District Executive Lester C. Toaso.

For sun glare, PennDOT suggests having sunglasses at the ready.

Motorists should watch for frost and icy spots left on bridges and overpasses by dropping temperatures overnight. PennDOT recommends slowing down and keeping windshields clear.

Slippery leaves can lead to crashes. To prevent that, PennDOT says slow down. Be especially vigilant for walking school children.

The deer crossing issue is trickier. May we suggest scanning the sides of the roads for tawny or beige-gray animal shapes moving through the brush? Also: if one doe crosses the road ahead, others may follow. Drivers might want to slow down gradually or stop, with flashers on.