Drive sober or get pulled over

Want a catchy slogan that could save your life? How about, “Drive sober or get pulled over.”

That’s the theme of sobriety checkpoints (also known as impaired driving checkpoints), funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, that Lower Merion Township Police will conduct this weekend.
From Friday through Sunday, Lower Merion Township Police will use roving patrols — highly visible, not hiding behind a tree — throughout the township as part of a national “impaired driving crackdown.”

Here’s the township’s definition of a sobriety checkpoint: “a highly visible, systematic method for stopping vehicles at a selected location to determine whether motorists are operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.”

Be smart. Think beyond yourself. If you’re going out partying, make plans for someone else to drive, be it the friend who nurses a glass of Sprite all night or a taxi driver. Don’t assume you’re fine and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Think you might be impaired and might get into an accident, hurting or killing someone else, and in the process messing up your life.

Stop. Think. Don’t drive.

If you do this weekend, here’s hoping the Lower Merion Police catch you.