Death of woman found in cornfield grows more mysterious

Five months after a New Hanover farmer discovered Natalie Marella's body near a cornfield, Montgomery County prosecutors say they're still unsure what happened to her.

An autopsy determined that Marella, a 26-year-old Ambler woman, died of a seizure disorder -- but she also sustained a serious head injury.  Toxicology tests turned up "no significant findings," according to a press release from the District Attorney's Office.

Officials don't know if her death was homicide, medical, or accidental. The coroner declared the manner of death "undetermined."

Marella's body was found Aug. 29 in a hedgerow near a cornfield at 2471 Little Road in New Hanover. 

Law enforcement officials say they've interviewed numerous people, but they still don't know who Marella was with or what she was doing the night she died.

Marella's family members have pleaded for information about her death, and the farmers who discovered her body say it has upended their lives.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Hanover Township Police Department at 610-327-1150 or Montgomery County Detective Bureau at 610-278-3368.