A-choo! Allergy news you can use


When you were planting pansies on Sunday, did you notice yourself sneezing?

We did, too.

That’s because it’s an early allergy season, says Dr. George Green, a board-certified allergist and internal medicine specialist who practices in Abington.

The unusually warm winter has caused allergy sufferers to reach for a tissue earlier than usual this year.

Many parts of the country, including Montgomery County, have seen higher than normal pollen counts. According to www.pollen.com, the pollen count this week for Montgomery County is expected to be very high, especially on Thursday.

Don’t believe us? Link to: http://www.pollen.com/state.asp?id=pa.

Green suggests some preemptive steps to manage symptoms before they take hold. "Once they flair up, it usually takes less allergen to make it worse," Green says.

Typical symptoms include itchy, runny nose; nasal and sinus congestion; repeated sneezing; watery eyes; inflamed sinuses; and, in severe cases, difficulty breathing.

Green, a member of the Montgomery County Medical Society board of directors, says avoid outside activity in the late afternoon when the pollen count reaches its peak.

If you have bad allergies, don’t jog or mow your own grass. If you must mow, wear a dust mask.

Take an over-the-counter remedy when the symptoms first appear.

See your doctor for nasal corticosteroids if symptoms continue.

Keep windows closed, if possible.

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