2 bridges in Upper Hanover to be replaced

Although the legislature wrangled to death a desperately-needed transportation package, two bridges in Montgomery County are about to get replaced without it.

On Route 29 in Upper Hanover Township, the bridges over Hosensack Creek and Perkiomen Creek will be replaced by spring 2014.  The two bridges carry about 10,000 vehicles per day, according to PennDot.

The $2.5-million project is entirely state-funded, unlike other bridge repairs that have drawn federal and local funds.

The bridge over Hosensack Creek with be a single span; the Perkiomen Creek bridge will get a new concrete culvert.  Both will be supplemented with lane shoulders and guide rails.

Traffic on Route 29 (Gravel Pike) will be reduced to a single lane between Ziegler Road and Stauffer Road.