There's a bar where the Starbucks used to be

Can I get a double shot of Bailey's with my venti, please? (AP Photo / Ted S. Warren, File)

Our corner of the Twitterverse lit up like a java junkie sipping his morning espresso Friday on news that some Starbucks will start serving alcohol at night in addition to their normal line of legal stimulants.

"My Starbucks addiction is going to worsen!!" retweeted smadden_.

"Along with tea & free wifi? ill never leave" chimed in MinaSayWhat.

Not everybody was pleased, though. Some folks are actually "freaked out" by the idea, as content partner The Street reports here.

Its author, columnist Rocco Pendola, says Starbucks has been planning a booze move for quite some time so nobody should be surprised. "And it's no big deal."

It is to NPSusa, who retweeted, "Great. Now parents can have drunks sitting beside their children at Starbuck's family tables."

Relatively arcane alcohol laws in Pennsylvania, however, mean the state will have something to say about it should the Seattle-based giant like to get in the bar business here.

"It will take PA 10 years to allow this to happen...." wrote Rob McCarney on Facebook.

And if the chain's coffee prices are any way to judge, "get ready for $12 beers" noted Bruce Huynh.