Carl Icahn, super genius

I've put up way too many stories in recent months about uber capitalist Carl Icahn, the poster child for angry activist investors everywhere.

He's been fighting all year with fellow billionaire Bill Ackman for the multi-level marketing soul of Herbalife. Then, he pushed up the stock price of Dell against company founder Michael Dell's push to take it private again. (Some say he backdoored Ackman in JC Penney to keep him out of the Dell fracas.) Finally, with the media monkeys all dazzled by two shiny new iPhones, he's still being a royal pain in the tuchus to Apple CEO Tim Cook for a stock buyback program.

It's easy to dismiss him as just another pig at the trough, until you read the motto he uses on his Twitter page: "Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studying natural stupidity."

Gotta love him for that. Stupidity is a fully sustainable resource.