Apple's proposed HQ looks like...

Does this giant, black hula hoop inspire you to greatness or is it a big zero in your book? (Dai Sugano / Bay Area News Group / MCT)

At some point in the lengthy design process of Apple's proposed new headquarters, why didn't somebody sit CFO Peter Oppenheimer down, tape his eyelids open and stick an ipad to his face playing a video of "The Hudsucker Proxy"?

That's because the giant black circle Apple wants to build in Cupertino, Calif., looks like it was inspired by something Tim Robbins drew on a napkin. "You know... for kids!"

I'm not so sure the ghost of Steve Jobs will haunt its endless hallways, even if he was a fan of circular logic. This mostrosity seems more like one his buddy, Larry Ellison, might envision for the most wealthy company on the planet.

At the very least, Apple's big goose egg should be gold colored.

What do you think?