Vogue Magazine Ad Revenues Up: Does This Mean Luxury is on the Uptick?

Fashion magazines are enjoying an increase in ad sales this fall.

Vogue, the grandma of the glossies, reported a 9 percent increase in advertisng pages for its zilliion-pound  okay, maybe we're exaggerating - September issue. That translates to  584 pages of glossy adverts, up 25 percent in 2009. Vogue still hasn't surpassed it's 2007 record that included 737 ad pages. But, hello, we are post-recession.

The September 2010 issue of Vogue Magazine with Halle Berry.

Glamour, also a part of the Conde Nast fashion mag family, is running 431 pages of ads and In Style is enjoying an uptick in revenue, too.

What does this all mean for luxury? Is it on the comeback? Does this mean we'll have a bangup fourth quarter? Will my mother give me that Michael Kors Ceramic glitz watch?

Of course it's too early too tell, but retailers are hoping that by spending big money on ads, we'll in turn spend big money at their stores. What do you all think? Are you willing to pay top price for fashion in this age of Rue La La and discount sites? Do you even have the cash for big spending this fourth quarter? Do these ads influence your spending habits?