Venus and Serena Get the Gold Naturally, Well Almost

Good Hair Day!

It's no surprise Venus and Serena Williams took home gold medals in women's doubles for the second time in a row. It's no surprise they looked fabulous in their red and white tennis outfit. It's no surprise they fit in a shopping trip. What was surprising was their hair. Venus' tendrils were beautifully natural. She wore one giant Afro puff during the competition and it was pulled back in a band when she accepted the gold. I believe Serena sported a bob weave, but I have to priase the more flamboyant  Williams sister for no hair theatrics. That meant no waist-length micro braids or neon colors. I'm loving it. The Williams sisters playing and winning in all their natural glory. Now, there is a beautiful role model for little girls to follow. What do you think?

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