Tweety E on Emo Fashion

Emo - short for emotional fashion - is a cross between goth and punk. It's for fashionistas who wear their hearts on their sleeves. The makeup is really heavy, almost Charlie Chaplin-like. The clothes are skin tight and black with a splash of color.  Interesting, but not my look. High fashionwise: think of it as the bright colors of Betsey Johnson combined with black Yohji Yamamoto and MAC makeup.  But we think Emo fashion should be done on the cheap. Go vintage, vintage, vintage. I'm going to let 14-year-old burgeoning fashionista Tweety Elitou tell you more about it. Thanks Tweety! Her latest webisode of Young, Hip aned Chic, shot at Showroom 77, is a really good Emo primer. And maybe I'll write a story about it. Any Emo fashionistas out there? Is it a big look in Philadelphia?