Cocksox. Gotta Love The Name.

Maybe if  more guys wore these Australian-made Speedos-style briefs on the beach they would be more self-conscious about their bodies. Check out these Cocksox. Yes, there is such a thing as Cocksox!  And July 10 is National Cocksox Day. Go figure (The things that come across my desk.) Can you imagine what guys would go through if they had to wear these on the beach. Would bathingsuit angst still be only relegated to women?

Nonetheless, Cocksox are underwear and swimwear for men that feature an "anatomically correct" pouch that supports a man's "crown jewels." The brand started almost as a dare in the lounge room of Sydney-based couple Nadiah Kanawaty and Nigel Christensen. Nadiah designed the garment; Nigel came up with the cheeky name. They listed it on eBay to see if there was any response.


"Straight away we had a request from a man who wanted to buy five. We knew we were onto something," says Nigel.


Dudes, Would you wear Cocksox?