Thom Browne's RTW uses some of first lady Michelle Obama's navy blue print on his fall 2013 runway

The world got a preview of designer Thom Browne's fall 2013 women's runway show when first lady Michelle Obama wore his amazing coat during the inauguration. People raved. "How can I get that coat?" My girlfriend asked me. 

The print was much more wearable on the first lady.

Much, much more.

Browne, born and bread in Pennsylvania, showed his women's wear collection Monday afternoon during New York Fashion Week. This is what he hopes to be in stores this fall.

The first few pieces featured the menswear silk tie fabric Browne featured in the first lady's super-cinched at the waist coat. But instead of bangs, the models wore china-doll like  white makeup, rosy cheeks and birdsnesty-updos. It was all very Jack of Hearts. These were misplaced Alice and Wonderland figures.  Freaky.

The way the collection was styled made it look so unwearable - exaggerated boxy silhouette, football player sized shoulder pads, unnaturally cinched in waists. The king of the cinched suit gave women men's cuts.

Once I got beyond Browne's Marc Jacobs-like-sea-of-oddness, it became clear there were lots of wearable pieces in this collection - especially a long double-breasted red coat  I found absolutely charming.  There were several checked suits that would be totally appropriate at a board meeting.  I even liked the tights. He paired most of the outfits with white tights with green vines and roses; perfect for a little black dress.  But in this dizzying collection they just made me aesthetically sick.