The Real Willow Offically Whips It In New Music Video

The fashion in Willow Smith's eagerly awaited "Whip My Hair' is the 9-year-old's sure to be must have tween   sensation's details: the 3-D built out fingernails, the rainbow-curled eyelashes and the I-don't-think her lip is really pierced-lips. (I hope the folks at Claire's and Forever 21 are taking notes) The littlest Smith succeeds in letting her hair douse color on a bland school cafeteria. And she pays homage to old school with beatbox. The video, which was released on Monday has already had nearly 2 million hits on You Tube. Yes, really. The song is like a millennium Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun Smart video. Lots of fun. Totally manageable young kiddie fashion. We just hope little Willow stays young for as long as she can.

This just in:  If anyone loves that hooded, aeronautical one-piece Willow is wearing, it's a OneZ from new Callifornia Brand  CCR (California Christiania Republic).  The video marks the debut of CCR's OneZ. We'll be watching them.