The Housedress Vs the Moo Moo

I was on Face Book  chatting with local fashionista, Tweety E, (More about her on the blog later this week) about today's Mirror Mirror column on the evolution of  housedresses, when the 13-year-old straight A student said, I love housedresses. Moo Moos are great. (Or something like that...) And it got me to thinking.  As a 30-something urbanista, housedresses are something that never made it to my generation, but moo moos did. Are they one in the same?

I say not so much. While moo moos evolved from the housedress, I think they are two distinct items.  Housedresses are tailored frocks that can be stylish, and were worn around the house to do chores. Moo Moos are more like nightgowns. Unlike the housedress, I don't think people could ever, nor should they ever,  leave their houses in them.  Their role is just to be loungewear. They have no fashionable redeeming qualities at all. At least for now until the next designer makes them hot again. Thanks for the idea, Tweety!

Speaking of loungewear, am I the only one out there who loves her Snuggie? My sister gave me one for Christmas and I think they are one of the world's best inventions. I'm not the only one who thinks that, since according to an article by USA Today,  Snuggies are all the rage. What do you think of the Snuggie? What's your favorite piece of indoor loungewear?