Stocking Stuffer Day 5: Knock-off of Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

For Kate Middleton Wannabees. This $110 diamond and sapphire-like ring is just $110 and available at

I found this stocking stuffer most interesting. Yes, it's a little bit over my $100 limit, but the sheer novelty of this bling is worth it.

On-line jewelry retailer Ice.Com is offering a sapphire and diamond- like sterling silver ring - just like the engagment ring of the  future Princess Kate Middleton for $110.  I kid you not. You don't have to be royal-obsessed to think this ring is pretty. Not to mention, who could blame for jumping on the Middleton item bandwagon?  Remember that blue jersey silk dress Middleton wore by Brazilian designer, Issa? Fashionistas may not be able to find the real thing, but may be glad to know it has spawned a $25 imitation.

But I digress. The Royal engagment ring isn't the only of -the-moment knock-off Ice.Com is hawking this holiday season. Harry Potter fans can can enjoy a black diamond sterling silver bracelet for $800. And women who want the Real Housewives look can enjoy a pink, yellow, black and white sterling silver bracelet for just $325. Tacky? Or Timely? What do you think?