Stocking Stuffer Day 4: Mitchell & Ness Cuffed Knit Hats


If there is one thing sports fans can appreciate it's a warm head. Especially in the midst of the winter sports. Go Flyers!!!  Brrr... Go Eagles!!! Brrr again. That's why we think these cuffed hats from Mitchell & Ness for just $24 will be just what your favorite sports fans needs for braving the icy cold. Philadelphia -and several other city's sports fans -can - chose from the Eagles, Sixers and the Flyers. Right now, however, the Eagles are sold out. And Phillies fans won't be able to find a hat because the nostalgic company doesn't have a license for Phillies headgear :(  Mitchell &  Ness is located at 1201 Chestnut Street . Call them at 215-399-0315. Do you like these hat?