Stocking Stuffer Day 2: Afterheelz

Ouch! You know that painful pinch that comes from standing in strappy sandals and high heeled pumps all ... night... long. There is not a cocktail in the world that can stop that sting once it starts; I know I've tried. So when the sturdy little ballet slippers called Afterheelz recently showed up at my desk, I rejoiced. The shoes come in  a tote that can easily fit into clutch - or Christmas stocking. And that bag can then transform into a full sized tote to put your heels in after your feet are plum, tuckered out. Afterheelz were invented by four Las Vegas-based business men who worked on the night club scene and took pity on women as they left lounges barefoot shoes in hand wincing as they gingerly walked to the their cars. The flats come in silver, gold, purple, black, pink, red and white and are available in four sizes: small, 5-6; medium, 7-8; large, 9-10 and x-large 11-12. They are available online at the Afterheelz web site and at just $20 they make the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. So cute. A great holiday present, no?