Jay-Z Denounces the B-Word. I'm Not Buying It.

So Jay-Z, the modern day master of misogyny in hip-hop, has decided to stop using the B-word in his lyrics?

He's got to be joking, right? 

Louisville Kentucky Basketball
Rapper Jay-Z is introduced during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game between Kentucky and Louisville in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011. Kentucky won 69-62. (AP Photo/James Crisp)

Shawn Carter - who made millions upon millions upon millions of of dollars referring to women as female dogs over and over and over again, has decided that thanks to his beautiful new baby girl, Blue Ivy, he is going to give up bashing chicks. It's like he just realized that all women are somebody's daughter. Really, now?

If it wasn't for songs like the single, 99 Problems (But a B-- Ain't One) from Jay's chart-topping Blueprint 3 album,  Mr. Hova wouldn't have the millions needed to put him in the same league as Bey, who he has referred to the hottest chick in the game." Nor would Jigga have had the $1.5 million he used to allegedly take over a maternity wing at Lenox Hill hopsital.

And that's not the only demeaning song, there is B- and Sisters and That's my  B- and countless other lyrics with similar sentiments.


This morning I read on the Identity Link blog about Jay-Z's change of heart. Here are just a snippet of his thoughts. See the whole song here.

Before I got in the game, made a change and got rich,

I didn't think hard about using the word B--

I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it,

Now with my daughter in this world,

I curse those that give it.

Don't try to tell us, the American Hip-hop public, that you had no idea that B- was a "bad" word. I seem to remember lots of controversy around your lyrics.

Secondly this "revelation" may be a little too late, Jigga. (following this logic, I'm thinking if you had a boy, you'd be denouncing the N-word and we know how fond you are of that moniker.)

There are zillions of men/boys out there who worship the ground you walk on- especially  Kanye West.  I have seen grown men lose their ever-loving mind spitting Jay-Z verses word for word. Women, too for that matter. Jay, you never took to time to think that the way these men treated women could be subliminally based on listening to your weak excuse of manhood lyrics?  So now, just because you have a daughter the world stops?  Women are to be treasured and not "dug out at 6 a.m. and kicked out at 6:15?" (That's straight from the late 1990's hit Doing It Again, people)  What about all the girls that have already been heartbroken, in part ,because of the lyrics you've been sending over the airwaves for more than 15 years?

So, Jay,  exactly how are you going to master this deprogramming? Are you going to stop taking taking royalties for about 98 percent of your songs? Are you going to stop performing half of your rhymes at concerts? Are you going to lead a "Stop the B- and Hoes Campaign?" When you hear a young man passionately repeating a Jay-Z lyric are you going to pull him aside and tell him to stop? After all, you are grown up now, he should be too.

I'm glad Jay Z has seen the error of his ways. Maybe other artists will stop using the word, too. The new song is actually lovely.

But Jay may have to do more than switch from jerseys to button-downs to help fix this particular societal ill he did so much to perpetrate.