Rihanna takes most of it off after Victoria's Secret fashion show. Why?

SMH Rihanna.

The plagued pop-star stripped down to her undies after Wednesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - and tweeted the pics.

I guess this is proof the 24-year-old singer is a party girl.

Photo courtesy of Rihanna's Twitter

But getting past Rihanna's poor behavior, I wonder: What's the point of the Victoria"s Secret show anymore.  This is not 1990, the mall staple is not the be all, end all of women's lingerie anymore.

A girlfriend and I were im'd me earlier and asked me what I thought. I tried to avoid the show. Period. I got bigger fashion fish to fry.

"Do we care?" she asked, "Their waists are 20-inches around and they all have phoney baloneys on top."

Ha ha.

I do agree.

Therefore, dear Rihanna, it's not worth risking what's left of your reputation to hang out with such a trifling, irrelevant bunch. I know you are the indignant bad girl.. But ...

Forget it.

What do you think about Victoria's Secret models? (See below). And Tweeting barely naked photos?