Pippa Middleton Spawns Butt Pad Trend, Really?

According to a segment on ABC's Good Morning America. we must credit Pippa Middleton for spawning the interest in butt pads.


Does she even really have a noticeably booty?

I like Pippa's body skimming Alexander McQueen as much as the next fashionista, but there were far better buts out there before hers. There's Jennifer Lopez who single-handedly brought booties back in style. How about Beyonce? Darn it, we could include Kim Kardashian in that list for that matter. And last I checked, Nicki Minaj was the behind behind the trend.

What do you think about Pippa's backside and butt pads? Is this a trend that just won't go away? Is it really a trend at all? Would you wear them to fill out your jeans?