Local Fashionista Hits Asia and Beijing During the Olympics

It's a sunny Sunday, a day for reading, reflecting and thinking. So if you've got some time, check out this blog by Mount Airy Lady and New York Fashion public relations guru, Deanna Williams. Deanna is spending three weeks in Asia.  On her itinerary are Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Saigon, Bali,  and Osaka. She spent a few days in  Beijing, during these historic record breaking Olympics where she saw the Dream Team squash Angola. How can we not be jealous of Deanna, who is soaking up the sites - including The Great Wall of China - and  experimenting with Asian delicacies? Most importantly, Deanna is  checking out the fashions.  Her stories of vendors well-versed in the vocabulary of Prada and Gucci are hilarious. You might like her musings, I did.