Onward Fantasy Fashion League

The Emmy's mark the beginning of fashion season and with the awards comes the Fantasy Fashion League. Fantasy Fashion League, run by Pitman-based Erica Salmon is in its fourth year. The on-line game works like Fantasy Football. You pick a roster of 10 celebrities and designers and amass points depending on how many times members in your team appear on the red carpet, presenters at awards shows, in news headlines and the cover of magazines. On Friday night, I co-hosted a draft party with Rene Reese, wife of former Eagle Ike Reese at an undisclosed golf course in South Jersey. Fun! Fun! Fun! I picked my team that includes designer labels Lanvin, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Kanye West and my secret weapon, Oprah. So far I'm sixth in my league with 145 points. I'm thinking the Marchesa design duo will win me some points come Oscar time. Want to play? It's free. Log on and try out.  Have you ever played Fantasy Fashion League?