I'm convinced: I love, love, love The Katacomb: Vintage

I'd heard a lot of buzz about Brooke Dillon. I'd seen a couple of segments of her on NBC-10, but I couldn't tell from the news what was so special about this school teacher turned vintage boutique owner and fashion stylist.  There are so many of them out there. And, I wondered, why did Ms. Dillon think it was a good idea to run her business out of her home. C'mon now.

Then my girlfriend asked me if I'd like to go to an evening of art at The Katacomb: Vintage. Why not? I do hate to be left out of the latest in fashion chit-chat. As we walked down Pine Street with my girlfriends, I saw some of the city's emerging trendies milling outside of this beautiful home right at 15th Street.  When I walked in I was tugged by one of my favorite local fashionistas Bela Shehu. (Maybe this is a big deal after all.) Later I learned Kristin Munro, editor of Philadelphia Style Magazine was in the house along with Kelly Bayliss, producer of NBC 10's The Scene, Michele Cimillo, owner of Scarlett Fiorella (Another place I need to check out soon) as was Alp Sagnak, a jewelry designer and owner of a boutique in Soho New York.

Dillon looked fantastic in her Alexander McQueen pumps. She was friendly, offered me some cheese, a glass of wine and then she took me to the Katakombs where I promptly fell in love with her vintage selections. Now, before I go on, I'm not a big fan of vintage only because I don't have the patience to comb through all the random selections to get to the good stuff. The beauty about Dillon's collection is that she does that for you. OMG! There was a pair of jeans circa 1970s Chanel with white stitching and bell-bottoms that I wish would have fit. There were dozens of dresses and sequined tops circa the 1960s and 170s that would be fashionable conversation pieces right now.  Not all of the pieces were high end designer either, but all of them were unique. And most were size 4 to 8.

Planning to write a column soon, can't wait to learn more about the Vintage Katacomb experience. Have any of you out there been yet?