Kudos to Lexington Kentucky Reporter, Rochelle Ritchie

You can probably tell from this blog and my Mirror, Mirror column that black women's hair is always a hot topic of discussion.. Some of you don't get it. And that's cool. But for a race of women whose beauty is often measured by how straight their hair is, the decision to relax, or not to relax is almost important as to eat, or not to eat and almost always often influences their choices to exercise, or not exercise.

That's why when Kentucky-based FOX television news reporter Rochelle Ritchie stopped wearing weaves and relaxers and cut her hair into a baby Afro, she did an entire story on the way-past-emerging trend. I can't blame her. Over ten years ago when I gave up my Halle Berry cut in favor of tiny two-strand twists, I did the same thing. But I was writing for a newspaper. Ritchie's move is much more significant because anchors are seen on TV every day by impressionable little girls. If more anchors went  natural, I"m sure that even more black women would finally be able to fathom themselves without the false hair. Take a look a the video and tell me what you think.