Sneaker Villa Is Just Villa

The local family owned company known for it's baggy Hip Hop inspired wear, and community service projects, is changing it's name from Sneaker Villa to simply, Villa. The new signage will be visible on Friday. What a reflection of the fashion times! Multicolored kicks, white T's, studded jeans and other stunner wear is no longer what's stylish. Has Philadelphia really stepped up its game? I guess we can thank Kanye West for switching up the urban fashion game, but I digress.  The new Villa, definitely conveys the idea the store sells more than just sneakers.  But what happens when Air Force Ones are hot again  and men are buying one and two pair at a time?  (You know how cyclical fashion is.) Will the company go back to being Sneaker Villa? How do you feel about it? Do you like the new logo?