Nene's Nose

Okay I admit it. After trying to ignore The Housewives of Atlanta for as many seasons as I could,  I started watching in the middle of last season. I guess I didn't want to be Tardy For The Party. And now I'm embarrassed to say, I'm hooked. I watched the premiere on Bravo last night.


These women have to be the most unattractive  train wreck out there. Nobody except  the Housewives can take beautiful, high-end pieces and make them look so cheap, so regular. So... well... You get the point... This is fashion at its most classless and it's not fashion's fault. How tumultuous.

But I digress, because I'm writing this blog with the express purpose of pointing out Nene Leakes' nose. Let's not even talk about how this diva bell lit into the wimpy, but sweet chisel-faced Dwight last night. (Does he really think that is attractive?). I just want to know did Nene have a nose job to end all nose jobs, or what?  I mean, really. I noticed this in the celebrity glossies a few months ago, but last night's episode reminded me of the travesty of Nene's grill. Honey, it's your attitude that makes you ugly, not your nose. All the nose jobs in the world couldn't help you? Any Atlanta fans out there? What do you think?