Mrs. O Wears Rachel Roy at State of the Union Address

photo courtesy of Rachel Roy. We like Mrs. Obama in this silvery grey shift. What do you think?

So glad First Lady Michelle Obama axed last week's flippy hair in favor of her shoulder length classic bob at last night's State of the Union Address.  That flip - albeit a fluffier version - reminded me too much of Condoleezza Rice's hair. I can't stand that look. Okay, I"m over it now.

But I write this blog to tell you that that beautiful silver, silk shift, Mrs. Obama wore was last night was courtesy of New York Fashion Week designer, Rachel Roy. Do we have any readers who are Roy fans? But what even impressed me more were Mrs. Obama's stacked silver bangles. Nice touch, Mrs. O! We've must have said this a million times, but it's so nice to have a woman in the White House that's not afraid of fashion.