More Olympic Fashion Musings: Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte

London Olympics Artistic Gymnastics Women
U.S. gymnast Gabrielle Douglas perfroms on the uneven bars during the Artistic Gymnastics women's team final at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Tuesday, July 31, 2012, in London. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Olympic fashion continues to water cooler chit chat.

Continuing sentiments from this morning's Olympic column, according to this ESPN article, Houston rapper Paul Wall is behind Ryan Lochte's American Flag grill. He has made four for the kid.

Anyway, I'm obsessed with the grill,  but not because I'm a fan of blinged out teeth. Actually it's not my favorite look at all, especially on a date - they reminded me too much of the Wu Tang's Old Dirty Bastard.

It's just that as true blue Hip Hop head, I remember when grills were found exclusively in the hood.  Now they are on Olympic stages? Cool.  I just wonder if Lochte was a black man, would he be praised or put down for baring his grill?

Something to think about.

How do you feel about this fashion accessory?

Then there is the Twitter chatter about Gaby Douglas' hair. It seems that black women priase Gabby for her prowess, but wishes she had gone to the hairdresser before her appearance at the Olympics. That just makes my blood boil. With these kinds of moves, who really cares about hair?

I think that Monisha Randolph's blog Sporty Afros did a pretty good job putting these chicks in their place.

Do you even care about Douglas' hair?

I'm going to start following Randolph's blog.