Rick Santorum's Misuse of the Sweater Vest

In my opinion, Rick Santorum has totally misused the sweater vest. It appears today's fashion news revolves around Stephen Colbert's rant last night on the losing candidate's sweaters

Yeah, yeah, I know Santorum's campaign is suspposed to subconsciously remind us of American values that reigned pre-civil rights era. So I get his every man look. But he makes the lovely layering piece hautely horrifying. Until now, sweater vests reminded me of caring men like my grandfather and Mr. Rogers. Fear? Never.  Random $5 gifts? Always.  Now, I'm just not sure any more. Has Santorum changed your view of the sweater vest?

Not to mention, do you want your president to be sweet and cuddly? Or, would you rather him be fierce and polished?  Was the sweater vest a turn off? Did Santorum's loss save the image of a classic look?